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week 4

For our first workshop using InDesign, everyone will be given text and some images to layout as a section that it can be printed and folded, then stitched or stapled into a small book.

The text can be downloaded from here.

Take a full chapter of your choice; don't forget the illustrations.

After you learn the basics, use the time to play with design possibities. Don't try for excellence, but for play play play.


black & white typographic paperback book cover

week 5

Your first use of Photoshop will also be your first experimental opportunity to play with the form of the paperback book cover. Using only black and white (minimal use of color is okay), you will design a book cover, front, back and spine, optionally scaled to print on regular 8.5 X 11 paper [option: for this assignment, you may also simply flatten your image, save it in an appropriate format (jpeg, pdf) and email it to me on the due date].

The emphasis of your design must be on TYPOGRAPHY with just ONE image.

please have one or several source images prepared when you come to the workshop (on disk/server/web).


Plan ahead so that you can complete a quick cover design by the day after the workshop. Skye will collect any print versions; Iwill be checking for files.

full color paperback book cover


week 6

Workshop will emphasize further topics in InDesign and individualized help with Photoshop.

For your second, full color paperback book cover, you will work at appropriate scale in both Photoshop and InDesign. Beginning in Photoshop, you will lay out your images and backgrounds, then in InDesign, you will lay out the type.


Your final cover will be due, printed and optionally bound onto an existing book or a blank book, in week eight.

Printing will need to be done in the DIS, or Digital Imaging studio, located near photoservices in the bottom floor of the Library. The DIS is open to all students. Lab Aids are always there to help you, and they offer regular orientations. If many students in the class want, we can schedule an orientation just for our class to attend.

hypertext sequence

week 7

Hypertext sequences will be planned and developed in advance of the workshop by small teams, utilizing the text and images from your first layout during week four.

Teams will plan out a short map of linked pages (during Tuesday afternoons) to be developed in InDesign, and prepared for web using Adobe Acrobat-- during the workshop.

Final sequences should be uploaded or submitted on CD-Rom by the end of the week.


Again, please use the technology as a tool for radical play. The text you are using poses the threat of a linear, easily mapped structure. You may add content, images, and change content in ANY way in order to create a new work of art from the materials of that initial text.