the Independent Project not so independent. Though the parameters are broad, you will not be left alone.

In addition, it will expected that you develop your final book through a writing process (that may or may not contain images and so on).

Your final project should have something to do with books or with other things that we have studied. It may take the form of a web-book. Maybe you will make a book out of water, but it should be a serious attempt to create meaningful art and remain conscientious of all that has stemmed from our quarter of study.

The final presentation of your piece will be accompanied by an artist's statement that describes your intentions, creative process, and goals as an artist. (The point is not that your art "can't stand alone," but that you are a student of art and being able to articulate your ideas and process is a way of reminding yourself and others that you are not "full of sh--."

Every student's piece will be a subject of discussion in the final seminar. The "gallery" of your works will be our text.


WRITING WORKSHOPS will provide time and space to generate your final project as well as a opportunity to explore language as one among the many media that are central to our use of and connection to the book form.


Writing Workshops


Castle of Crossed Destinies / Memo 1


Text in the Book Format/ Memo 2


Writing Due / Critique Groups



5 No Workshop: go to Print studio or meet with Collaborative Book Group


Full draft-mock up of idea(s) DUE (can be sketchy)