1. Recommended: finish sewing on cords.

2. WRITING due for Independent Project on Tuesday. Bring multiple copies to share with a group. You will NOT have the opportunity to copy things during class. You may wish to bring an extra copy to turn in.

3. Seminar paper due tuesday.

4.Next Seminar Paper: choose or propose something else to me on thursday:

--Using the current readings and previous readings, discuss the "materiality" of the book.

--Discuss artists' books in terms of "oral" and "literate" cultural norms.

--Discuss the effect of technology on creative process and product (not on a personal level)

--Compare Abram's and McCluhan's stories about the transition from orality to literacy and its effects, including their perspectives on our current cultural phase.

--Discuss McCluhan's and Abram's thesis from the literary perspective: what do their theses suggest about the work of writers & poets and the work that is to come?

--To begin: what is the "future of the book"?, but more importantly, why does it (the future of it) matter--what does it tell us?

--How is the history of the book tied to the history of knowledge?

--Discuss the evolution of the "idea of the book." use McCluhan, Abram, and find a meaningful point at which to stop: mallarme? jabes? borges? drucker? ...But do not conclude with hypertext, new media, etc.

--Discuss hypertext & the "new media environment" as they relates to the idea of the book, orality, and literacy.

5.Start thinking about Coptic materials.

6. Start thinking about computer-based projects.

7. Invisible Cities: due week four instead?



Pre Seminar: Drucker and others: closing up our focus on artists' books, moving from emphasis on the FORM of the book to the IDEA of the Book. My preliminary Notes.

Sum up texts-so-far.

::::::Assemble groups for collaborative book project & independent project critique

::::::List and begin scheduling "openings"

afternoon: woodshop for those who have not finished.




Afternoon: Writing due related to independent project (please remember to specify the chosen task...)

1. A draft of the actual sort of text that will appear in my book
2. A lush description of imagery in my book and what the experience of readin g it
might be.
3. Creative or essayistic writing that somehow relates to or captures the content
or feel of my book.



Fold-Book Work Time

If you haven't already shown me a mock-up of some kind: now.


Either Ropes course (9 am at CRC)


Coptic Binding