Casey Bogert  




Hi friends and family!

I’m doing great here! This is the most gorgeous place I have ever been! There are sheep everywhere and we are right by the ocean. I live in the little cottage, very 70’s, complete with shag rugs, and a framed statue of the Virgin Mary right above my bed, which majorly creeps me out. So far we walked up this, well, they call in a large hill, I call it a small mountain, to a tower that the English built during the Napoleonic war. It has the most beautiful views up there; I’ll post a picture of it here eventually. We started classes and went to all the historical sites where Saint Columkille (who this glen was named after) had been. Our landlady said she actually use to do the stations (a religious ritual with all these sites) barefoot on the eve of his death, which I find amazing. It was hard enough to do with good shoes on. We started poetry class today, and our teacher is amazing, she has a way of making each of our own experiences feel so unique. For the first time in my life I actually spoke in a group without feeling the least bit scared. My class here is so kind and welcoming, that I can’t help but be talkative, and it’s very nice. I miss everyone in the States and I hope you are all doing well!


me on cliff