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This is a page specifically for poems that we use as part of our work in The Evergreen State College Irish Studies program, "Ireland: Living Between Worlds." The titles below may link to sites that are not necessary at The Evergreen State College; to return to the program website, use the back button on your browser.

A Land Not Mine (Anna Akmatova)

The Place Where We Are Right (Yehuda Amichai)

Ancient Irish Poetry

Be always drunken (Charles-Pierre Baulelaire)

Patchwork (Eavan Boland)

The Women (Eavan Boland)

Neither the hair-shirt...(Frederick Buechner)

Love in the Western World (Kathy Callaway)

"We are living in a time..." (Arthur Clark)

Famine Poetry

Enemy Encounter (Padraic Fiacc)

Please Call Me by My True Name (Thich Nhat Hahn)

The Scar (John Hewitt)

As kingfishers catch fire...(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Thank You (Patrick Kavanagh)

I am certain (John Keats)

Come into Animal Presence (Denise Levertov)

A Veil Thin as Gossamer (George MacLeod)

The Truisms (Louis MacNeice)

Our deepest fear... (Nelson Mandela)

On the Death of Irish (Aidan Carl Mathews)

The Choice(Trans. Kuno Meyer)

Going Back (Ethna McKiernan)

First Movement (Pablo Neruda)

"The whole human earth..."(Pablo Neruda)

The Chance to Love Everything (Mary Oliver)

The Journey (Mary Oliver)

Landscape (Mary Oliver)

Tecumseh (Mary Oliver)

A Visitor (Mary Oliver)

Wage Peace (Mary Oliver)

Wild Geese (Mary Oliver)

Unlearning Not To Speak (Marge Piercy)

Mise Rafteraí (Anthony Raftery)

"If it were all so simple!" (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

Love After Love (Derek Walcott)

Everything Is Waiting For You (David Whyte)

The Sun (David Whyte)

Irish Studies (Seán Williams)

Shape-Shifting in the Galápagos (Seán Williams)

The Statues (W.B. Yeats)


Last Updated: 04/05/2004