Week 1: Intros, Skin/Burns  Text reading on skin Burnsurvivor.com  American Burn Association
national institutes of health burn fact sheet
Week 2: Web Crossing Workshop 8 - 9 pm in Computer Center   Musculoskeletal System 
Peer Teaching Assignment Distributed
Text reading on Musculoskeletal System
article on carpal tunnel    Muscle Stiffness & stability
Geriatric Trauma    Stretching to Prevent Trauma
NSAIDS & musculoskeletal treatment
Week 3: Medical Terminology quiz  Musculoskeletal System
 forearm anatomy  description of wrist anatomy
wrist diagram repetitive strain injury - canadian stats
common problems of the hand & wrist  nonsurgical tx for cts
ergonomics  thoracic outlet syndrome     eMedicine - TOS
Week 4: interview questions due 
Autoimmune diseases/fibromyalgia
Week 5: Medical Terminology quiz
diabetes / neurological disorders 
Check Your Diabetes Risk
Text reading on endocrine system   Insulin resistance syndrome 
Text reading on nervous system 
Diabetes Statistics
Week 6: Peer Teaching - small group meeting
Week 7: Medical Terminology quiz
Peer Teaching - large groups
Week 8: interviews must be posted on webcrossing by tonight
Peer Teaching - continued Learning Disabilities
Handouts in class      Brain Function & Pathology
Week 9: Hepatitis & HIV
Guest Speaker: Betty Kutter,PhD
National Center on Birth Defects
Week 10: Portfolios DUE
Guest Speakers: Laurel Smith & Elle Halpern - Attorneys