Record sheet for Physics of Astronomy
Quarter/year_______________   Name________________

quiz HW
 weekly report seminar research
  TM ML PA TM ML PA TM ML PA          

TM = team meeting:  (+) if you met in advance with your group and completed your team assignment,  (/) if your team member didn't show and you completed the team's work, (-) if you didn't meet and didn't complete the work, and (0) if you did neither. Note your teammate's initials.

ML = minilecture: (+) if you prepared in advanced and presented a good minilecture, (/) if you presented a good minilecture without planning, (-) if you presented not at all or poorly, when you were scheduled to present.

PA = Participation and attendance: (+) for careful listening and active engagement, (/) for one of those, (-) for attendance with minimal listening or engagement, (+F) for active facilitation.

Quiz: note your score, e.g. 6/8

HW: note completeness (e.g. 2/3) and quality (+, /, -)

Weekly report:  (+) if you posted a specific and thoughtful report online at the end of the week. (/) if you posted  late, or wrote a hasty or vague report, (-) for a late and poor essay,  (0) for no essay. 

Seminar: summarize the completeness and quality of your seminar participation (+, /, -), and indicate details on your seminar record sheet.

Research: summarize the completeness, timeliness, and quality of your research report (+, /, -), and indicate how many hours you spent planning or doing your research.

Excused attendances or assignments:  write one or two words indicating the reason.

NA = not assigned that week

Week 5:  Turn in this record sheet summarizing your work so far.  Search for your name in WebX to get a list of your postings.

Week 10:  Turn in this completed record sheet with your completed portfolio, the week before your evaluation conference.  Include all your work in your portfolio, organized into sections, so your reader can easily compare your record sheet to your actual work.  Include completed and legible work.  Include responses  from classmates and professors to your posts.  Your responses, drafts and lecture notes are optional; put them in the back of your portfolio if you want to include them.  Put one or two paragraphs on the cover page in front of each section of your portfolio, explaining:
* what's included in this section
* how it demonstrates your understanding and growth
* with specific reference to one or two tabbed pieces of work
* and a discussion that demonstrates an example of your best learning, in your own words. 

Updated 25.Jan.2004
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