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Each student will plan a research project in winter quarter and carry it out in spring quarter. RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTS AND PLANNING ON WebX
Brian Orr, Quantum Cosmology Joey Fedrow, Isotropy of accelerating expansion of the universe

Here are some past research pages from Physical Systems and Energy Systems, and Matter and Motion
Winter Goals
wks 1-4
wk 5
wk 6
wk 7
wk 8
wk 9
wk 10
Winter Goals:
* Identify possible research topics of interest 
* Learn to search for scientific articles in the library
* Find review articles to identify outstanding questions and good resources
* Skim most articles in your area of interest, read the best five carefully
* Articulate a research question
* Produce an annotated bibliography of research articles
* Propose research to carry out in spring to investigate your question

weeks 1-4: We discussed topics of active research in physics and astronomy, in the context of lectures, seminars, and minilectures. You began reading journal articles.

week 5: Library research workshop with Sara Pederson: Library resources and NASA ADS service

week 6: Your interim research planning report is due Monday.23.Feb. You have next week free to do it. 

week 7: Work on your interim report, and attend the Avoiding Plagiarism workshop at the Writing Center Wednesday at 4:30.

week 8: Complete your workshop on Questions & Hypotheses, and post it to WebX.

week 9: Consider how you could test your best Question(s), and return to the library to investigate further. 

week 10: Present your final Research Planning Report in class, post your Word document on WebX, and give your prof a hardcopy. Include: 
* Your topic, and what motivates your interest (1-2 paragraphs) 
* your Research question(s)
* 3 hypotheses for each question:  primary, alternative, and null
* Literature review on your question:  who else is working on this, and what do they think about it?
* strategies for investigating your question, including tests
* plan of activities for spring quarter
* annotated bibliography
You will probably need about 5 pages for your Research Planning Report, and 3-5 pages for your annotated bibliography.

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