SYLLABI for Science Seminar
Physics of Astronomy - updated 16.April.2004


weekly assignments
weekend Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

read Mon. assignment

preseminar with team, post P+Q

write essay

  read Thus. assignment

preseminar with team, post P+Q

write essay

5:00-6:30 Seminar on Cosmologies Lib 4004   5:00-6:30 Seminar on Astronomy, Lib 4004

Monday: Cosmology

Thursday: Astronomy
week 1 29.March.  Introductions, logistics, teams; Read Ch.1 of both Kirschner and North before class 1.April. WebX workshop for Monday students as well. Thus. students read Ch.1 of Burch before class
week2 5.April. North Ch.2 Ancient Egypt (Team 6), Ch.3 Mesopotamia (Team 11) 8.April. Burch Ch.2+3 and journal articles assigned in class last week and noted on WebX. Essay 1 due
week3 12.April. North Ch.5 China & Japan (Team 1), Ch.6 Pro-columbian America (Team 5) Essay 1 due 15.April. Burch Ch.5 and journal articles. Essay 1 rewrite. (Teams 2+3)
week 4 19.April. North Ch.8 E. Islam (Team 7), Ch.9 W. Islam + xian Spain (Team 9). Essay 1 rewrite. 22.April. Burch Ch.6 and journal articles. Essay 2 due. (Teams 1 + 8)
week 5 26.April. North Ch.4 Greece (Team 2), Ch.10 European Astrology (Team 8). Essay 2 due 29.April. Burch Ch.11 and journal articles. Essay 2 rewrite. (Teams 6 + 7)
week 6 3.May. Kirschner Ch.2-5 (Teams 10, 4) Essay 2 rewrite 6.May. Burch Ch.12 and journal articles. Essay 3 due. (Teams 9 +10)
week 7 RESEARCH WEEK - no class  
week 8 17.May. Kirschner Ch.6-8 (Teams 3, 12). Essay 3 due 20.May. Burch Ch.7 and journal articles. Essay 3 rewrite. (Teams 5 + 11) NO SEMINAR - Zita at physics meeting
week 9 24.May. Kirschner Ch.9-11, Synthesis seminar. Portfolios due Thus.27.May. Essay 3 rewrite 27.May. Burch Ch.10 and journal articles. (Teams 4 + 12)

week 10: portfolios DUE

31.May: MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY. 3.June. Potluck
eval week Evaluation conferences Friday 4.June. Evaluation conferences Mon.7.June.



Monday: Books on Time, Relativity, and the process of science:
Galison: Einstein's clocks and Poincare's Maps
Poincare: Essential Writings (ed. Gould)

Thursday: Journals (Science News, Physics Today, Sky & Telescope)

week 1 5.Jan.  Introductions and WebX; read Zahar on Poincare 8.Jan. Introductions and WebX
week2 12.Jan. Galison Ch.1: Synchrony
Poincare: Value of Science, Part I, esp. The Measure of Time
15.Jan.  See WebX for weekly article choices.
week3 (19.Jan. MLK DAY - no class) Read Poincare, Science & Hypothesis, esp. Parts II, III, IV (skip Calculus of Probabilities)
week 4 26.Jan. Galison Ch..2: Coal, Chaos, and Convention
Poincare: Review Science & Hypothesis
week 5 2.Feb. Galison.3:  The Electric Worldmap
Poincare: Science & Method, Part IV, Ch. II, French Geodesy
week 6 9.Feb. Galison Ch.4:  Poincare's Maps
Poincare: review Science & Hypothesis, esp. Parts III & IV
week 7 (16.Feb. PRESIDENT's day- no class) Read Poincare Science & Method, esp. relativity: Part II Ch.I (Relativity of Space), Part III Ch.I (IV, Lorentz Theory), Ch. II (II, Principle of Relativity & IV, Consequences)
(19.Feb. midquarter break)
week 8 23.Feb. Galison Ch.5, Einstein's Clocks
Poincare:  Review Science & Method, chapters on relativity; also read Part III, Ch.III (Gravitation: pre-General Relativity)
week 9 1.Mar. Galison Ch.6, The Place of Time
Poincare: Value of Science, Part II, esp. Ch. VIII + IX (present state); review Part I, esp. Ch. II, III, IV
week 10 8.Mar. Synthesis seminar. Poincare: General Conclusions, p.569-572
Portfolios due.
11.Mar. Synthesis seminar. Portfolios due.
eval week Evaluation conferences Friday 12.Mar. Evaluation conferences Mon.15.Mar.


Spring teams:
1. Jon Germano Claudia Meza, and Heather Tramel:  Meet on Wednesdays at Otto's
Team 2:  Carlos Aviles, Lorna Porter, and Sarah Murphy.
3. Doug Jenkins, Nicole Streuli, Brian Flewell, Gene Schultz
5. John Samson, Vanessa Postil, Jake Sarrantonio:  Monday @ 3:00
6.  Yo. (Ryan, Jais, Lauren)  Golden
7. Don, Brea, and Abby
8. Tammy Schmidt, Justin Meith, Nick Rosenbladt, Jada Maxwell
9. The Hong Kong Cavaliers: Kalling "Bibbles" Heck, Bryan Fordney, Chris Seel, Patrick "Golden Age Pat" Artz
11. Monday Annie Lehman, Tristan Bristow, and Erin Ogden. For Thursday: Annie, Lehman, Tristan Bristow, Erin Ogden, Jieun Seong
Team 12:"Monday Madness" Tammy, Sara, Brekke, and Mark

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