Working the Waters Photo Gallery


Crew A Photos

Crew A sailed the Schooner Lavengro and S/V SeaWulff from Seattle and Olympia, respectively, out of Puget Sound and into the San Juans, ending in Friday Harbor after 10 days. Crew A: Toby Arnold, Caroline Clune, Cameron Crowder, Kenyon Foxworthy, Caleb Hollatz, Ian Kirouac, Lily Martin, Ben Miller, Celeste Peterson, Darin Peterson, Dug Rosenfield, Max Sato, Joanna Stodden, Ellen Sturgis, Hillary Tregillus, Nick Ware, Rob Whitlock, Sean Roulette-Miller

Captains: Sarah Pedersen & Dierk Yochim

Faculty: Sarah Pedersen & Cynthia Kennedy














Joanna & Rob


Capt. Yochim of the Schooner Lavengro

Lavengro on a broad reach

Lavengro at home in Lake Union

Sunset from Sucia Island

Garrison Bay from Young Hill, San Juan Island

SeaWulff crossing the Straits toward the San Juans

SeaWulff & Lavengro rafted

SeaWulff with Olympics behind


Crew B Photos

Crew B sailed the Schooner Sophia Christina and S/V SeaWulff from Anacortes WA to Sucia Island into the San Juans then into the British Columbia Gulf Islands and as far north as Nanaimo, returning to Anacortes after an 8-day sail. The weather was VERY pleasant on this leg of the Working the Waters expedition, with hot, sunny days most of the trip and two good sailing days toward the end of the period. Crew B: Ben Brooks, Mark Jaffe, Adam Karpenske, Lyndsey Runyan, Patrick Thompson, Jason Hebert, Brook Ahnemann, Lindi Coles, Angie Kubalek, Kestrel Feiner-Homer, Ben Jaynes, Danny Bark

Captains: Sarah Pedersen & Jim Taylor


Stowing Gear on Evergreen's SeaWulff

Sunset before departure from Anacortes


Sophia Christina and SeaWulff Rafted

Images of Sophia Christina, our chartered schooner--Jim Taylor, Master

SeaWulff--Sarah Pedersen, Master

Patrick and Angie Trimming the Genoa

Happy Faculty: Sarah and Cynthia, with Sophia Christina in distance

Captain Jim and Crew

All of Crew B Aboard Sophia Christina


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