Week 9
Time and Subject Topic and Homework
Mon, May 23rd

Non-Linear Dynamics
Room: Sem II C2109
Topic: Chaos and The Lorentz Map
Reading: Strogatz 9.3-9.4
Project Work

Rescheduled Project Meetings
Meet with me to discuss projects.
Tutor Session; Room Sem II C2109
Help With Non-Linear Dynamics
Tue, May 24th
Discrete Mathematical Biology
Room: Sem II C2109
Topic: Evolutionary Game Theory
Reading: Handout: Chapter 7 of Evolutionary Genetics by Maynard-Smith
Modeling Emergence with NetLogo
Room: CAL
Topic: Evolutionary Game Theory Excerice
NetLogo Homwork Due:
Lab 8 Homework
Wed, May 25th
Non-Linear Dynamics
Room: Sem II C2109
Homework Due Today:
Strogatz, Ch 8.6 pg 293 Ex. 1,7
Ch 9.2 pg 342 Ex. 1,5,6
Ch 9.3 pg 290 Ex. 2-7 (Use Blanchard and Devaney DE tools for the Lorenz equations), 8
Finish up the Lorenz equations. Then review for Test. Take Home test handed out at end of class.
Reading: Strogatz 9.5

Optional Tutor Session
Room: Sem II C2109
Help with Discrete Mathematical Biology
Thur, May 26th
Discrete Mathematical Biology
Room: Sem II C2019
Homework Due Today:
Ch 6.4 pg 271 Ex 12,16,19,20
Ch 7 of Maynard Smith Handout: Problem 1,2,5
Extra Question: The frequency of individuals homozygous for a recessive lethal gene (fitness 0) in a random-mating population is 1/10000. (a) if the population is in equilibrium between mutation and selection find the mutation rate? (b) If instead, the gene is maintained by heterosis, what are the relative fitnesses of the heterozygote and the normal homozygote.
Topic: Evolution of Cooperation. Then Review for test. Take Home test handed out at end of class.
Reading: Casti Handout: Section 15
Project Planning Time
Meet with David to discuss project