Assignment Notes
and Expectations

Sem : It is exd that you wil have th

Seminar preparation: It is expected that you will have thoroughly and thoughtfully read and/or viewed the selections for seminar. You should also be prepared to identify key themes in the reading/viewing selections.

Reflective Essays:   These are two to three page essays that articulate the conclusions you have developed on the assigned topic.   The essay is to draw illustrations from assigned texts, films, and/or other reading you have done on the topic.  

Response to Essay:   One or two paragraphs to one of your Seminar colleagues responding to her/his essay. These should be paragraphs responding to the thinking in the papers--not picky responses to the technicalities of writing. However, form and content are inseparable in writing, and it is appropriate to comment on aspects of the writing that interfere with (or enhance) your understanding of the paper's substance .

Term Project:   Your term project will be a team project.   Teams will be formed on the basis of individual selections from among the following:   the role of gender , race , culture , generation , religion , or socio-economic status in conflict. The term project will consist of a thesis statement, outline, annotated bibliography and a dramatic presentation.   Teams will be given 30 minutes for their project presentation to include ten minutes maximum for their dramatic presentation.   The term project will be a team effort.   The assignment assumes equal contributions by each team member and thus each member of the team will receive identical evaluations. Therefore, achieving team synergy should be a top priority.




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