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Planning and Planting a Garden as a Community

Each seminar group will work as a community to design a 10 x 10 garden that will provide food for a class meal.  Using the Territorial Seed Catalogue, which provides more than the average seed catalogue in terms of information, decide what you want to plant and how you want to plant it.  The Territorial Seed Company, Cottage Grove Oregon specializes in local varieties for backyard gardeners in the Pacific Northwest.  Use the planting chart following the index in the front of the catalogue, as well as the cultural notes for each crop culture, preparing the bed, maintaining the bed, disease, insects, harvest etc.) to plan your plot.  You will need to determine whether you want seedlings or seeds.  We will get to planting week 2 or 3 and need to harvest by week 10.  Check the chart for what can be planted now and how many days to maturity. 

Make a planting plan and determine how many seeds of what plants/variety you need?  What is the Latin name of the plants you want to plant?  We will pick them up next week Wednesday at Black Lake Organic.

Study questions (to be included in your portfolio):

What is an annual?  Biennial?  Perennial?  What crops that you might plant now are in which group?

What is the purpose of Latin names?  How are the denoted?

What is a variety vs. a species? How are they denoted?

What does OP vs F1 (really F1) after the name of the plant mean?

How might the days to maturity differ from their area (London Springs, OR) to ours?

What cover crops could we be turning in, i.e. what fall-sown cover crops are best for this zone?