Ecological Resource Guide for Olympia

Local/Organic Foods
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Co-Op/Farmers Markets
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Companies that Recycle
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"They claim this Mother Earth of ours for their own and fence their neighbors away from them. They degrade the landscape with there buildings and their waste. They compel the natural earth to produce excessively and when it fails, they force it to take medicine to produce more. This is evil.                          - Sitting Bull (from: New Roots for Agriculture by Wes Jackson)


This web page has evolved from the idea of helping people that live in or around Olympia and/or people that just moved here to help create a more sustainable community and environment. This website is intended as a reference so that people can find local businesses that are giving you a healthier way to live. Here you will find information regarding Local and Organic Foods and where and how you can get them; Recycling because we live in world that has limited resources; Reusable stuff that can still get some more use; and finally Gardening which is something we all should be doing if we have a lawn we should have a garden as gardens bring people together and they are much nicer looking then a plain green grass law cause they add texture and life to a yard, so plant a garden today!