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I am a sociologist, journalist and elementary school teacher, educated in Chile and Canada. In addition, I am the Consul of Chile in the State of Washington. I earned my first university degree in Elementary Education, in 1966, from the Catholic University of Chile. I specialized in sports and wrote a thesis entitled, The School, Sports and the Community. The same year I began teaching in a shanty town of Santiago until 1971.

I began my studies at the University of Chile, in 1967, and completed my degree in sociology in 1971. I specialized in rural sociology and wrote a thesis entitled, Empresas vitivinícolas integradas: area social o mixta. The same year, 1971, I was hired by the Ministry of Agriculture to work at the Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, Department of Central Planning. My duties consisted of research for formulating provincial and national agrarian policies. During the same year, 1971, I became Assistant Professor of Social Statistics at the the University of Chile in the Pedagogical Institute. In August of 1973, I successfully mounted my thesis defense which qualified me to hold a degree as a Licenciado en Sociología.

In September 11, 1973, a military coup d'etat overthrew the constitutional government of President Salvador Allende. I was dismissed from my teaching position at the University of Chile and from the Ministry of Agriculture. The military withheld my degree in sociology. I had to wait to receive my degree until Chile returned to Democracy, in 1990, and only then was it granted to me in 1992. Many Chileans suffered similar mistreatment by the military because of their support for, and involvement with, the Popular Unity Government of Salvador Allende. For this crucial reason, in 1974, along with thousands of other Chileans, I was forced into exile in Canada, from my homeland.

In 1975, I received my M.A. in Sociology from the University of Toronto. My work was in sociology, with an emphasis in Latin American Studies. I wrote a thesis entitled, Economic and Cultural Dependence in Latin America. The University of Toronto, in 1980, again awarded me a degree, this time a Ph.D. in Sociology. During this period I continued working in Latin American Studies with an emphasis on education, political economy, and communications. My final thesis was, Cuba: From Primitive Accumulation of Capital to Socialism.

I have taught in several Latin American universities, including The University of Chile and The Catholic University of Chile; Universidad Autónoma de México, Iztapalapa campus, and Universidad Veracruzana; The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia; University of Illinois and Seattle University, Washington. I have also lectured and researched in several universities and research institutes in Europe. Currently, I am a member of the faculty at the Evergreen State College and teach Latin American Studies and Social Communications.
With a group of Canadian and Latin American exiles, faculty and scholars, I founded an international publication, Two Thirds: A Journal of Underdevelopment Studies. I was the editor of this journal until 1988. Well-known scholars including Andre G. Frank (Germany), Enzo Faletto (Chile), Paulo Freire (Brazil), Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay), Ruy Mauro Marini (Brazil), John Saul (Canada), Tomas A. Vasconi (Argentina), Jorge Garcia (Bolivia), have all served on the board of directors for Two Thirds.

I am the author of several books about the political and economic realities of Latin America. I have edited seven other books of writings which feature contributions and interviews with Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez-Esquivel, two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and the writings of other well-known scholars, politicians and intellectuals. These books also include writings by Ernesto Cardenal, a Jesuit priest, poet and Minister of Culture during the Sandinist government of Nicaragua; Fernando Cardenal, also a Jesuit priest, head of the Literacy Crusade,and brother to Ernesto; Bishop Helder Camera from Brazil; articles and researches by Eduardo Galeano, Ruy Mauro Marini, Mario Benedetti and plus many more.

The following is a list of my publications:


--Chile: The Struggle for Power. Center for Latin American Studies, Olympia, Washington, 2003

--Comunidades Hispanicas en los Estados Unidos: Algunos antecedentes sociopoliticos e Historicos. Cuadernos de Historia y Politica Veracruzana. Gobierno del estado de Veracruz: 2000). Also in Poesia Hispanica en los Estados Unidos, Universidad de Sevilla, Espana, 2001..
--Introducción a la Sociología. LOM Ediciones, Santiago Chile, 1997.
--"América Latina y el nuevo órden internacional" in Alternativas de Izquierda al Neoliberalismo, (Madrid: F.I.M and C.E.A.: 1996). Also, Revista de Sociología, published by the School of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chile. Volume 9, 1997.
--The New World Economic Order and Latin America, editor. (Olympia: Center for Latin American Studies: 1994)

--Edgardo Enriquez Froedden: Testimonio de un exilio (Santiago: Mosquito Comunicaciones: 1992).

--Latin America: Social Dimensions of a Crucified Continent (Olympia: The Evergreen State College: 1991) editor.

--Latin American Community in Olympia with Justino Balderrama and Craig Carlson (Olympia: TESC: 1991).

--The Aftermath of the Military State in Latin America, (Olympia: The Evergreen State College: 1990), editor.

--Liberation Theology and Class Struggle in Latin America, (Olympia: The Evergreen State College: 1989), editor.

--The Bridge Between Canada and Latin America, (Vancouver: Secretary of State/Two Thirds Editions, 1986). (with Mario Lee).

--No Me Olvido: Conversando con Don Edgardo Enriquez, (University of Alberta and the Spanish Embassy: Vancouver, 1985) Second National Literary Prize, Canada (Testimonies category).

--Economic and Cultural Dependence in Latin America, (Chicago: University of Illinois, 1979), (Toronto: Two Thirds Editions, 1984) with V. Haralambidis.

--Social Movement and Social Change: The Re-Making of Latin America, (Toronto: Two Thirds Editions, 1982) Editor.

--Cuba: From Primitive Accumulation of Capital to Socialism, (Toronto: Two Thirds Editions, 1981)
--La escuela, el deporte y la comunidad:, (Santiago: Univerdidad Catolica de Chile, 1975)

--Incongruencies about Spanish and Indian Cultures in the Americas: A Latin American Vision. Text prepared for the Art, Culture and Politics of the Americas Program at the Evergreen State College, (Olympia, Washington. 1995).

--Cantata Santa María de Iquique. (Olympia: MIT Program: 1994) Text and audio (translation & audiovisual)

--The Nicaraguan Revolutionary Song. (Olympia: TESC: 1993) Text and audio

--The New Latin American Song. (Olympia: TESC, 1992) Text and audio

--The Nicaraguan Peasant Mass. (Olympia: TESC. 1992) Text and video

--La Canción Comprometida Nicaraguense. (Olympia: TESC, 1991) Text and audio.

--Comunidades Hispanicas en los Estados Unidos: Algunos antecedentes sociopolíticos e historicos, in La Poesia Hispanica de los Estados Unidos, edited by Lilianet Bintrup and Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, 2002.
--"De la via chilena al socialismo al modelo neoliberal de libremercado" in Formaciones sociales e identidades culturales en la literatura latinoamericana. Edited by Rosamel Benavides, Valdivia, Chile: Ediciones Barba de Palo: 1997.
--"El nuevo orden internacional y América Latina" in Revista de Sociología, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile, 1997. Volume 9.
--"Popular and Alternative Communication: The Response to the Chilean Dictatorship", Canadian Journal of Communication, (Fall 1988, Special Issue).

--"Teoría de la Dependencia: Una Reinterpretacion", in Amanecer, Managua, Nicaragua, December 1988.

--"Weaving History" (Liberation Theology) in Two Thirds Journal, Vol. VII, No. 1. (English and French), 1986.

--"Foreign Debt or Foreign Cancer" in Two Thirds Journal, Vol. VI, No. 1, 1985.

--"La Deuda Externa" in Alternativa, Vol. 16, No. 5-6, 1985 (Ecuador)

--"Class Confrontation in Chile and the Electoral Game: 1925-1973", Two Thirds Journal, Volume. V, #. 2-3.

--"The Chilean State under the Military Regime", Two Thirds Journal, Vol. V, No. 1, pp.3-13.

--"The Crisis in Lebanon", Two Thirds Journal, Vol. IV, No. 1, 1982, pp. 19-26.

--"The Economic Project during the Popular Unity: The integrated Wine Enterprises", Two Thirds Journal, Vol. III, No. 1, 1979, pp. 21-37.

-Chile: Empresas vitivinicolas integradas y la cuestion del poder popular, (Toronto: OISE, 1978).

--Economic Dependence in Latin America, (Toronto: OISE, 1976).

--Empresas vitivinícolas integradas; area social o mixta (Santiago: Departamento de Sociologia, Universidad, 1973, and Ministry of Agriculture, Chile 1973).

--"Algunas experiencias sobre Donihue", in Boletin D.A.V. # 2 (Santiago: Editorial Universitaria, 1972).

--"Estudio social acerca de Donihue", in Boletin D.A.V. # 3 (Santiago: Editorial Universitaria, 1972) with Arturo Perez.

--La Escuela, el Deporte y la Comunidad, (Santiago: Universidad Catolica, 1965).

--Exclusive interviews with several key political and religious figures from Latin America.

--Numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines.


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