LOCAL KNOWLEDGE                        Student-Faculty Covenant


This (draft) covenant proposes some guidelines and expectations for our work and relationships in the program, Local Knowledge.


-We will listen carefully and respectfully to each other.


-We will communicate directly and respectfully.


-We will respect and value differences of belief, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, class background, region, age, and experience.


-We will work together to solve problems and conflicts.





As a student in Local Knowledge, I accept the following responsibilities:


-Being an active learner; actively contributing to our learning community.


-Attending all classes, on time.  (If I am sick or have an emergency,  I will call my seminar faculty.  More than 2 unexcused absences per quarter, or persistent lateness, may result in loss of credit.) 


-Completing assigned work, and submitting it on time. (Late assignments will only be accepted only at the discretion of the faculty.)


-Participating fully in all program activities


-Attentive listening to faculty, fellow students, guests, and community hosts and collaborators; careful note-taking; participation in seminar discussions and class critiques.


-Attending evaluation conferences  during week 11 of each quarter, completing interim self-evaluations and faculty evaluations, and a final self-evaluation and faculty evaluation.




As a faculty member in Local Knowledge I accept the following responsibilities:


-Preparing course materials, lectures, and workshops.


-Communicating expectations clearly.


-Returning assignments in a timely fashion.


-Careful, respectful listening to students' ideas, issues, and concerns.


-Completing interim and final evaluations.


-Guiding student learning; Supporting student project work by setting clear guidelines, providing skills instruction where possible, and offering critical feedback.


-Being accessible, maintaining regular office hours.


-Try to end class on time.


-Create e-mail distribution list and post message if class is cancelled.