Democracy & Religious Freedom
2005 Winter Quarter


DOCKET AND CALENDAR OF THE EVERGREEN SUPREME COURT'S 2005 WINTER TERM.  A comprehensive docket and calendar is now online on the website of the Evergreen Supreme Court.  To access it go to that website or click here.

The Evergreen Supreme Court's oral arguments will be held in the following courtrooms on the following dates and times: Wednesday, March 9, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Courtroom LIB 1308, and Thursday, March 10,  9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Courtroom LAB I - 1047.  A more detailed calendar and docket will be posted by Tuesday of this week.

Justices: Please remember that you must prepare well for the case you will be hearing.  After you read both the petitioneer and respondent briefs, you must fill out the form designed to help you prepare for oral argument.  If you did not get a form on Monday, you can find it here

RESPONSE WRITING TO  JUDGING  JEHOVAH'S WITNESSESInstructions for your response writing to this book can be found by clicking here.   

ASSIGNMENT OF CO-COUNSEL.  The Evergreen Supreme Court today announced the assignment of co-counsel for the seven cases that it will review during the Winter Term.  For a list of co-counsel, click here.

EVERGREEN SUPREME COURT CASES FOR 2005 WINTER TERM. THE EVERGREEN SUPREME COURT TODAY (January 17, 2005) GRANTED A WRIT OF CERTIORARI IN SEVEN CASES.  To see the  case docket, click on the CASES button on the program home page or click here.  This is a Word file.  Read the case summaries. Then, on the form located on the website of the Evergreen Supreme Court (click here), indicate your preferences, if any.  You will need to print out the form to fill out as a hard copy.  I will also have copies in class on Wednesday, so if you prefer to wait until then, that would be fine.


CONFIRMED: WEB-X HANDS-ON ORIENTATION ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5.  THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CONFIRMS THAT WE WILL MEET IN THE GENERAL COMPUTING CLASSROOM (GCC) ON WEDNESDAY FROM 10:00 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M. FOR AN ORIENTATION TO WEB-X.  You will also have your digtial photo taken.  The photo, which automatically appears with your postings once you have uploaded it to WebX, is required.

Please remember to register in Web Crossing by Tuesday evening (January 4).  You can get to the Web-X site to do this by clicking on the link on our program home page.  If you get a dialogue box that asks for your name and password, click "Cancel."  You should then see a page with a "Register" button.  Click it.  Don't click the "Log In" button.  Please register your first and last name, not your e-mail log-in name (such as gomezj).  You will need to register your e-mail address
, too.

You will be unable to log into our full program Web-X site until I place you on the access list, a step that I cannot take until you register.   The Web-X server is used for many discussions at Evergreen, many of which do not use passwords.  You can access those if you want to look around.  If you get lost, just remember that Web-X is merely a series of folders.  The main folder at Evergreen is titled "Discussion Home."  Instead of that folder, there are about 20 folders, including one titled "Academic Program Discussion Groups," which in turn has over 200 folders in it, including our "Democracy & Regigious Freedom Folder."  Our folder will not appear in the list of folders until you log in.  To facilitate navigation around the Web Crossing site, you wil always see the pathway of folders you have taken.  For your convenience, this pathway appears at the top and bottom of the Web-X page, and you can quickly get into any of the folders by clicking on its name.  Once you are in our program's Web-X folder, you will see the following pathway:

 [F] Discussion Home  / Academic Program Discussion Groups  / Democracy & Religious Freedom  /

You may take the Guided Tour of Web Crossing if you wish.  It is in a folder by that name inside the "Discussion Home" folder.

The biggest technical probems for newbies at this stage come from user error, usually when they are careless about entering their password.  Since there is no password confirmation feature when you register, please be extra careful when you type it.  Hunt and peck with your index finger.  If you make a typo and don't know it, you obviously will create a password different from the one you intended.  If you think you typed "sesame" but you accidentally typed "swsame," obviously your password is not "sesame."  Please use a simple password; this is not your bank account.

If you encounter any problems registering, we will resolve them at the beginning of the orientation session.  If you previously registerd for Web-X for another class and if you remember your password and the way you registered your name, you need not register again.  In fact, if you try to do so, the software will obviously tell you that the name you are trying to register is already taken.  If you have forgotten your password, you will have to re-register but will have to change your name in some way (for example, add a middle initial or use "Bob" instead of "Robert," etc).  Students who are proficient in the use of Web-X need not sit through the orientation, of course.

Required reading for first class? None, but reading will be demanding (as to difficulty, not quantitiy measured by number of pages), so if you want to get an early start you might begin with pages 1-20 of the casebook (Religion and the Constitution) and pages 1-18 (Introduction) of the Judging Jehovah's Witnesses book.  We will read the remainder of the latter book later in the quarter.  The casebook is our main text, which we will be using throughout the quarter.

FIRST CLASS.  The first program meeting of the quarter will be on Monday, January 3, 2005 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 in Lecture Hall 4.  The waitng list for this program is long.  There will be a presumption that anyone who does not attend the first class is no longer interested in this program.  Therefore, anyone not present the first day, whether on the "in" or waiting list, will be dropped.

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