Democracy & Religious Freedom
2005 Winter Quarter


Week 1

Preliminary Syllabus

Academic Plan for Week 1

Week 2

Final Syllabus. Available also through syllabus link on home page.

Briefing a Case: Definitions and Explanations

Examples of Case Briefs

Map of The Thirteen Federal Judicial Circuits - No copyright permission to upload. Click here or here for interactive alternatives online.

Directory of United States Courts - U.S. Court of Appeals

National Reporter System Map. No copyright permission to upload. Click here for alternative online.

Basic Forms of Citation

Week 3

Appellate Advocacy: Cases for the Evergreen Supreme Court's 2005 Winter Term

Appellate Advocacy: Case Preferences Form

Appellate Advocacy: Components of an Appellate Brief ("Rules of the Court")

Appellate Advocacy: Writing the Statement of the Case for the Brief

Appellate Advocacy: Sample Supreme Court Brief (Zelmon v. Simmons-Harris Brief for the Respondents)

Week 4

Appellate Advocacy: Developing the Questions Presented for the Appellate Brief

Appellate Advocacy: Group Exercise on Further Understanding the Questions Presented

Week 5

Appellate Advocacy: Developing the Argument

Week 6

There were no handouts this week.

Week 7  

Article I, Section 11: Religious Freedom - Washington State Constitution

Week 8

Alternative Wording for the Questions Presented and Point Headings in the Sample Brief

Appellate Advocacy: Writing the Summary and Conclusion

Appellate Advocacy: Presenting the Oral Argument

Week 9

Washington Supreme Court Calendar: Tuesday, March 8, 1:30 p.m.: Andersen v. King County and Castle v. State of Washington (whether Washington’s Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex marriages, is unconstitutional under the state constitution)

Lambda Legal Defense Press Release Regarding Washington Same-Sex Marriage Case

Week 10

Appellate Advocacy: Form for Justices Preparing to Hear a Case

Appellate Advocacy: Forms for Audience Members (when not acting as justice or co-counsel)


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