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All-Program Reading : (in tentative reading order)

  1. No Book: preparation for week 2
  2. The Mysticism of Sound and Music ( Hazrat I. Khan) or The Yoga of Sound (Russill Paul)
  3. The Glass Bead Game (Hermann Hesse)
  4. CD Music
  5. Not Turning Away (Susan Moon), part three
  6. Coming to Our Senses (Jon Kabat-Zinn), first half
  7. Coming to Our Senses (Jon Kabat-Zinn), second half
  8. All About Love (bell hooks)
  9. The Biology of Transcendence (Joseph Chilton Pearce), part three; The Heartmath Solution (Doc Childre and Howard Martin), pp. 225 to end; The Heart of Meditation (Swami Durgananda/Sally Kempton), pp. 245 to end
  10. No Book