We are in the process of envisioning the more specific details of the program.
We will update this website about once a month with those details.

What am I going to be doing?
In general, we will engage in a range of ways of learning such as reading, writing, math, role plays, art, research, experiential activities, yoga, in order to practice observation, critical thinking and problem solving using different perspectives/lenses. Some of the consistent activities of the program will include:

What am I going to be reading?
We are still in the process of deciding what to read. See the table for examples of the types of books you can expect to dive into. If you have ideas for books or articles that would be relevant to the program themes, let us know! J

When am I going to have class?
We are requesting the following times, but will not know for certain until the fall. (Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 to 4; Fridays 9 to 5).

How much time will I be engaged in the program?
Like any academic program, you will be involved in about 48 hours of program work a week. About 16 hours of that will be in class with the faculty and the students. Some of that time you may be working in groups on projects. Some of that time you will be working independently in preparation for discussions or working on projects.