Week by week schedule (syllabus)

Belief and Truth - Fall 2005




  Welcome to the Belief and Truth schedule of activities. Click on links for details and readings. Assignments are due before class, unless otherwise noted. Refer to homepage schedule for meeting places.

This document will be updated throughout the quarter. Please check for updates every week. Updated 30.Nov.2005

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THURSDAY workshops (1:00 unless otherwise noted)
Week 1
12:30 All-Program meeting: Introductions.
Intellectual Inquiry, Dialogue, Exchange.
Photos and WebX: read Finkel on class journals.

9:30 Lecture and Workshop on models of the universe (no reading assignment)

Movies: Phases of Venus? Mars in Retrograde

Take online WebSurvey anytime today.

WebX in CAL
Group Z: 1:00-3:00
Group A: 3:00-5:00
Read Joli Sandoz on Collaborative Knowledge Making (Appendix 3) and Allen Olson on Responding to Another's Writing

Post your introduction on WebX, and form seminar teams.

3:00 Seminar: Stringfellow Barr, "Notes on Dialogue"

Take two online surveys tonight: InSurvey and Beliefs survey.

Week 2
12:30 All-Program meeting: Zita & Arney: two views of Angels and Demons 9:30 Seminar: Big Bang, Ch.1 (will be linked here after Wk 1 workshop)

MS Word in Mac Lab
(alternative times and optional computer workshops, e.g. PowerPoint, webpages)

DUE Friday: Project Assignment (PA 1) on your beliefs

3:00 Seminar: Angels and Demons, Big Bang pp. 359-362, 484-5 11:30 Beliefs workshop
DUE: Essay 1
Week 3
12:30 All-Program meeting: Z on normal science, A on Science and its effects 9:30 Seminar: On Bullshit (Z: Hawks Prairie team)
DUE: Essay 2

MANDATORY Library research workshop #1 - in LIB

DUE Friday: (PA 2) Draft annotated bibliography; form research teams

3:00 Seminar: Kuhn, Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Preface, I-VII, and Natural Scientist (Z: Teapots) 11:30 All-program meeting
Week 4
12:30 All-Program meeting: A on truth,
Z on social constructionism and crisis
9:30 Seminar:AAAS Ch.1, Sagan Ch.1, 2, 12, 13, 14 (Z: Teapots)

MANDATORY Library research workshop #2 - in LIB

DUE Friday: (PA 3) Draft team research proposal

3:00 Seminar: Kuhn, Structure of Scientific Revolutions, VIII-XII, Postscript (Z: X) 11:30 Project Planning workshop
Week 5
24 Oct.
Midquarter conferences (no class)
DUE: Midterm self-eval and portfolio
Read ahead (longer reading assignments for next week)
9:30 PRESENT team research project proposals (PA 4); Form Study Groups.

NEW: MANDATORY WebX workshop in the CAL at 1:00 SHARP to 1:50. Learn how to create a discussion for your research team, and post all the rest of your Project Assignments there.

THURSDAY workshops (1:00 unless otherwise noted)
Week 6
12:30 All-Program meeting: A on Statistics & Uncertainty, Z on critical reasoning 9:30 Seminar: Harding Ch.1, 4, 5, 6, 12 (Z: KIS)
DUE: Essay 3

Required: online plagiarism tutorial; email pre- and post-quiz results to your seminar faculty. (Writing Center workshop is canceled) Results

Reply to Research Proposals in your Study Group

3:00 Seminar: Calculated Risks 1-7 (Z: Leftovers) 11:30 All-program meeting
Week 7
12:30 All-Program meeting: A on Risk, Z on connections and transformations

9:30 Seminar: Sagan Ch.15-18 (Z: Sur.Gen)
DUE Thursday: Project progress report (PA 5)

No workshop at 1:00; Optional PowerPoint workshop in Mac Lab at 6 pm today or 3 pm next Monday.
3:00 Seminar: Calculated Risks 8-14; Samerski and Illich, Illich on Health (Z: KIS) 11:30 Self-eval workshop#1. Read eval-portfolio Guidelines.
Week 8
12:30 All-Program meeting: A on The Force of Truth, Z on Uncertainty 9:30 Seminar: True to Life, Part 1 (Z: Sur.Gen)

1:00 Optional self-eval workshop#2 at Writing Center. Read Guidelines. Print out and bring a copy of handout. Classmates who've done this workshop say it's useful.

Due Thursday: (PA 6) Draft research reports
Due Friday: Study Group feedback

3:00 Seminar: Gladwell, M. (2004). "The Picture Problem; Annals of Technology." The New Yorker 80(39): 074-081. Get this from ProQuest. (Z: Leftovers) 11:30 Presentation guidelines and Portfolio workshop - bring your portfolio to class; DUE Thursday: Essay 4

Thanksgiving Break (21-25 Nov.)

Week 9
12:30 All-Program meeting: Truth and Civic Life 9:30 Project presentations

1:00 Academic planning workshop in Sem 2 E2109

DUE today (Thus.) by noon: online FinalSurvey and ResearchSurvey

DUE tomorrow (Fri) your final, polished Research Project report (PA 7)

3:00 Seminar: True to Life, Part 2+3 (esp.3)

Due today: Decide which teams will present research, and sign up for your presentation time.

DUE today: portfolio, teammate evals, draft self-eval. See Evaluation Guidelines and portfolio guidelines. Here is our final Program Description.
Week 10
Research project presentations Final eval conferences Eval conferences
Final eval conferences

Final evalconferences with Zita in Lab II Rm 2272 - Bring your finished self-eval and faculty eval. Get your portfolio and eval from faculty. Read the Evaluation Guidelines and portfolio guidelines for details on expectations. Here is a draft template for Zita's evals.

Tuesday 6.Dec.
Wednesday 7.Dec.
Thursday 8.Dec.
Friday 9.Dec.
Research project presentations: Heroin Policy, Gender Gap, Biology & Human Behavior
Rebecca Steever
Jared Plotkin
12:30 accelerator contract presentations in Lab II Rm 2242
Mat Slobodkin
Steve Kerr
Kelli Hogan
Ian Dahl
1:30 Devon
Nathan Greenebaum
Yazmin Shah
2:00 Paul
2:30 Chris
Kristol Rubendall Wendy Ketelsen
Miriam Sterlin
(no eval conferences)
Crystal Williams Ben Harris
Laura Mulinski
Sarah Edison Courtney Cutrona
MaryNoel Strope
Ryan Wachter Brandon Cavazos
Seth Bartels


Midquarter conferences with Zita
Team Teammates
1:00 Hawks Prairie Crystal W, Wendy K. Kelli H, Brandon C.
1:30 Suurgeon Generals Courtney C, Seth B, Ryan, Mat S
2:00 KIS Sarah E, Kristol R, Ian M
2:30 BREAK
3:00 Leftovers Jared P, Matt M, Miriam S
3:30 X Ben H, Mary S, Rebecca S, Steve K
4:00 Teapots Ian D, Yazmin S, Laura M, Nathan G


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