New Students, winter quarter

Students newly arriving to the program will need to read a few things to get caught up.

Early in the quarter, you will be asked to participate in a seminar on these materials that we hope will help you become acclimated to the work we've been doing.

The readings you'll need to catch up on from last quarter are all from books that we will be continuing to use this winter:

Senge, The Fifth Discipline, Intro., Parts 1 & 2 —by Wed., week 1
Hosmer, Ethics of Management, Intro, Ch. 1 & 2—by Wed., week 2
Guell, Issues in Economics Today, Ch. 1, 2, & 7—by Wed., week 3

See note about Getting the Books


Some of the materials & links from last quarter should be of particular interest to you. Here are some of them. Or link to "fall" from the homepage to browse around.

 Winter Project Ideas —these are merely possibilities.

Group Roles

Academic Fair Handout for Winter

Peter Senge Interview

About Case Report Assignments

Library Research Guide