Columbia River

Columbia River: Origins, Salmon & Culture
Draft Syllabus/ Schedule 2-1-06

Meeting Times:
Weds: 9am-noon  SEM2 C1107—skillsworkshops & small group work
Thurs: 10am-12:30 SEM2 E1107—Lecture/Guest Speaker/daytrips
            1:30-4pm SEM2 D2107—Seminar& related activities/group work
Friday: 10-2pm—Long House Cedar Room Seminar/potluck/weekly-check-in

Books: Assigned

  • Harden, Blaine. 1996 A River Lost: The Life and Death of the Columbia NY: Norton (avail. Used $5-$10, in 28 Summit Libraries)
  • Ficken, R. 1995. Rufus Woods, the Columbia River and the Building of Modern Washington. Pullman: WSU Press
  • Aguilar, George. 2005. When the River Ran Wild: Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation. University of Washington Press.
  • Woody, Elizabeth and Wolf, et al 2003 Salmon Nation: People, Fish and Our  Common Home. EcoTrust. (avail. Used $6-12, in 15 Summit Libraries)
  • Newspaper Clipping Reader from the Wentachee World and other Pacific NW papers from c. 1900 to present.

Parts of These Books: copies provided on Reserve
Schwantes, Carlos. 1996  The Pacific Northwest: An Interpretive History
White, Richard.  1995 The Organic Machine.
Williams, R. 2006 Return to the River: Restoring Salmon to the Columbia River

Websites: sometimes assigned


Field Trip to Wenatchee Week 4, April 25-28 (Tues-Friday)
Field Trip to Vancouver, WA Week 8

Week One (April 3-7)Where is this Place and Why is the River Here?
Wednesday (5/5) 9am-noon SEM 2 C1107

Content:  Introduction, Syllabus, short in-class reading & writing (Writing rivers—map—what’s the river you know?)

Skills:   Intro to resources/accounts—library (Liza), T.A. (David Smith),

Housekeeping: Assign seminar groups, group covenant, student introduction exercise.

Reading: *Lichatowich, “Hook Nose,”; *White, Chapter One; Intro-Ch. 1, Salmon Nation; Ch. 1, When the River Ran Wild; Ficken, Ch. 1, Rufus Woods. *Newspapers (*= handouts)

Writing: In-class writing on rivers, seminar questions for Thurs. & Friday Seminar

            Thursday (5/6) 10am-12:30
Lecture by Rob-- Flood, maps, hydrology and Columbia River
Thursday (5/6) 1:30-4pm
Seminar: Connecting the readings and raising questions
Seminar Activity: Listening to learn, seminar etiquette, student seminar leaders for the quarter
            Friday (5/7) 10-2pm
Seminar 10-11: Focus on newspaper readings
11am: Meet Teresa Woods-Santoso, Academic Advising Core Connector.
Covenant Discussion 11-noon.
Potluck Noon-1pm (bring food to share with the class)
1pm-2pm: Weekly Check-in--What have we learned? Next Steps—small group exercise.

Week Two (April 10-14)What lives on/near this river? Animals & Plants
Content: Natural History, Native History—Skills: What is Natural History? Basic research, Interrogating a text/map
Housekeeping: Covenant? Seminar Rotations? Assign tasks for field trip
Readings: Salmon Nation, Ch. 2-3; Rufus Woods, Ch. 2-7; newspapers and related research
Writing: Journal entries connecting readings to lectures, newspapers, and Library Research.
            Wednesday (5/12) 9am-noon
Library Workshop: --Meet at Library Reference Area (Liza) basic skills, finding materials related to newspaper group work.
            Thursday (5/13) 10am-12:30
Lecture—Salmon (Rob Cole)
            Thursday (5/13) 1:30-4pm
Seminar: Salmon Nation & Rufus Woods
Seminar Activity: Interrogate the text (w/ Sarah Ryan), share seminar essays with peers. Report back to Group with main points.
            Friday (5/14) 10am-2pm
Seminar 10-Noon: Round Robin share—main themes of books and articles found in library assignment. Activity—create groups as you map individual themes and then report back.
Potluck Noon-1pm
1-2pm: Weekly Check-in—what have we learned? Next Steps. Field Trip organization!



Week Three (April 17-21st)Stories of the Water/People of the Water
Content: Human stories connecting past to present
Skills: Critical and analytical thinking, writing
Housekeeping: Field Trip? Money in the class account? Camping gear?
Reading: Rufus Woods Ch. 8-end; Aguilar, When the River Ran Wild, Ch. 6,  1 article or digital website source on native peoples of the Columbia or Dams.
Writing: Paper due Friday based on Newspaper group work. Paper should link themes in newspapers to class readings, research and lecture.
            Wednesday (5/12) 9am-noon
9-10am, writing workshop with writing tutors to aid Friday paper;
10:15-noon: Field Trip Preparation
            Thursday (5/13) 10am-12:30
Lecture on Migrant labor and agriculture.
            Thursday (5/13) 1:30-4pm
Seminar: Rufus Woods and Aguilar, Ch. 6.
Seminar Activity: Interrogate the texts, share seminar essays with peers. Report back to Group **using text, lecture/field trip notes as basis for integrated analysis**
Film, “Celilo Falls”

            Friday (5/14) 10am-2pm
Seminar 10-Noon: Round Robin share—main themes readings, lecture & film, research. Activity—create groups as you map individual themes from all sources and then report back.
Potluck Noon-1pm
1-2pm: Weekly Check-in—what have we learned? Next Steps. Field Trip status?
**Hand in first paper**