Fundamentals of Environmental Justice Training


EPA Region 10 offers the Fundamentals of Environmental Justice workshop monthly at the Regional office in Seattle. All Environmental Justice stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to register for the one-day workshop. There is no charge. May dates are as follows: Thursday May,18 and Wednesday May 31, 8:30 AM-4:30 P.M. Registration and workshop details are below.

The Fundamentals of Environmental Justice (EJ) Workshop is the recently developed project of the National Environmental Justice Training Collaborative, an informal, multi-stakeholder national network of people

(community groups, State, tribal and Federal government leaders) Interested in building capacity to deliver effective environmental justice training. It is a highly interactive, content-rich, thought-provoking and "learner centered" experience that has been extensively peer-reviewed. The Fundamentals workshop being offered is a one day "compressed" version of the full 3 day workshop. The workshop is useful for all experience levels.

Among the topics covered in the workshop are:
* Differing definitions of Environmental Justice
* The historical context of Environmental Justice
* Acts, authorities and the Executive Order
* Case studies (in our Region or nationally)
* Environmental Justice analysis, tools, resources, updates and more...

Class participants will come from EPA, community groups, educational institutions, local/State government, other federal agencies, the business community and the general public. Participants learn from each other and work in teams through an informal, but structured curriculum to learn the basic tools needed to identify, address, and communicate about issues of environmental justice. Participant's skills and learning are reinforced through the opportunity to meet with people who are addressing environmental justice on a day-to-day basis and by the introduction/promotion of collaborative problem solving techniques. This learner-centered approach engages participants, teaching both the use of analytic tools and the ability to communicate effectively around sometimes complex and controversial subjects.

Upon registration, a short pre-workshop participant survey will be Emailed to you and must be returned within 5 days.

Contact information for this course: Running Grass by telephone at 206-553-2899 or via e-mail at

Environmental Justice Program Manager
Office of Civil Rights and Environmental Justice
U.S. EPA Region 10, Seattle, WA

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