Week 1

"Six Months After Katrina: Who Was Left Behind - Then and Now" by Bill Quigley

"Watermark" by Elizabeth Kolbert

"Who's Killing New Orleans" by Mike Davis

"A Feminist Perspective on Hurricane Katrina" by Loretta Ross

"Why did Hurricane Katrina Hit Women So Hard" by Laura Butterbaugh

Week 2 A Strategy for Rebuilding New Orleans by the Urban Land Institute
Week 3  
Week 4

McKinney Supplementary Report to The House Katrina Committee "A Failure of Initiative" (pdf)

Ownership Can Be Revolutionary By Grover Norquist (pdf) (web)

An Ownership Society Evolves By William Tucker (pdf) (web)

We're Already a Homeownership Society By Joel Kotkin and Suzanne Trimbath (pdf) (web)

How America Drifted from Welfare to "Entitlement" By James Payne (pdf) (web)

A Nation of Citizen Investors By James K. Glassman (pdf) (web)

Week 5

Developing a “People’s Reconstruction Plan”: Field Work Project to Begin March 20th

Rebuilding New Orleans: A Ten Point Plan for Action (pdf)

Week 6

Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared
Read your section and review the Executive Summary
(PDF file; you will need to down load the full report; it takes a while to download. Be sure to print only the sections you need)

Bring New Orleans Back Commission Reports

Week 7

Oxfam Report: "Recovering States? The Gulf Coast Six Months After the Storms"

Louisiana Recovery Authority Website (Review Tsk Force and Recovery Teams especially w/ an eye to your research)

LRA Quarterly Report (Read)

Week 8  
Week 9  
Week 10

"The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein

"Of Refuge and Language" by Suheir Hammad

"The Displaced of Capital" by Anne Winters

"Beyond Kobe"

"Cuba: A Model in Hurricane Risk Management"

Week 1

The Women of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast: Multiple Disadvantages and Key Assets for Recovery (pdf)

"Were Women Raped in New Orleans?" by Lucinda Marshall

"The Predators of New Orleans" by Mike Davis

"Seven Months After Katrina" by Bill Quigley

Week 2  
Week 3 "Class-ifying the Hurricane" by Adolph Reed Jr.
Week 4

The Comic Strip of Neoliberalism

What is Neoliberalism?

Neoliberalism: Myths and Reality by Martin Hart-Landsberg

Wikipedia on Neoliberalism

Full Report, The House Katrina Committee "A Failure of Initiative"

Supplementary Reports by Representives from Louisiana

Week 5  
Week 6  
Week 7  
Week 8  
Week 9  
Week 10

"Example in Stormy Times"

"The Two Americas"