Anatomy & Physiology

Summer 07



Portfolio Requirements:

Please include the following documents in your portfolio.  Your portfolio is due within the week after you have finished you’re A&P contract.



Lab reports 

Seminar papers

Class notes

Class H/Os

Self Evaluation – this can be a word document.  Is should include the following elements:

          Identify the specific systems you studied. 

          What knowledge base did you enter the class with?  Both formal and

informal education

          What did you learn?  Did you have any ah-ha moments or sparks that

illuminated any nagging questions? 

Give an overall picture of what you have acquired this quarter, with a

few specifics [i.e. how the nephron works to filter the blood.]

          Where are you going – next year? Graduate school aspirations?

          Did this coursework inspire any changes in your lifestyle? Or

educational goals?