Audio Recording

Fall Quarter

Students will work in the Audio Mixing Benches and the Com Building 8-Track studios to develop basic audio production skills.

Topics include:

Students will complete reading assignments, production/lab assignments, keep a journal, complete a mixed down multi-track recording and take the final exam.

Weekly Handouts

Week 1

Fall Syllabus 2006

Mini Disc Handout

Family of levels

Assignment 1

Week 2

Assignment 2

Mixing Bench 1 Patcbay Diagram

Mixing Bench Flow Diagram

1204 Behringer Flow

Peak Basics

Peak 4 Basic Windows

Intro to Mixing Bench

Record MiniDisc to Peak Mixing Bench

Week 3

111-212 Studio Flow Diagram

111a Patchbay Diagram

212a Patchbay Diagram

API 1604 Onboard Patchbay Diagram

API 1604 Program Block Diagram

API 1604 Monitor Block Diagram

Mackie 1604 Block Diagram

Mackie 1604 Simple Flow Diagram

Week 4

Assignment 3

Otari tape diagram

tape eq flow

tape signal path


rca microphone