Montage from 1927 Film, Metropolis

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Greatest Links Parade

A few websites where enough information to reliably know plenty can be found. While there is plenty more stuff to be found every where else, we feel this is enough for now.

Old Media

Center for Public Integrity - press and investigative journalism watchdog

Editor & Publisher - press and publishing industry institution that's keeping up

New Media - everyone organizing the web for everyone - a great review that explains the importance of this site

Wikipedia - a mostly reliable, free encyclopedia made of user contributions - this website's article about itself

Video Media

Internet Archive Moving Images - the original wysiwyg

Library of Congress Motion Picture Reading Room - history of film

Truthout Multimedia - contemporary news clips and investigative journalism shorts

You Tube - open online video forum

Evergreen Sound and Image Netflix Fandango Thurston County The Web

Banner images from Metropolis, c. 1927 Transit Films/ F.W. Murnau Foundation; c. 2002 Kino International.

Last Modified: October 06 2006.