Forensics & Criminal Behavior

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Sharon Anthony , Ph.D.
Office: Lab 1, 2003
Phone: (360) 867-6654
Office Hours: by appointment

Toska Olson, Ph.D.
Office: Sem II, E 4108
Phone: (360) 867-6545
Office Hours: by appointment

Rebecca Sunderman, Ph.D.
Office: Lab 1, 1026
Phone: (360) 867-6121
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00-2:00 PM and by appointment

... Fall quarter field trip planned for Thursday evening October 5th on "The Spirit of Washington Murder Mystery Dinner Train" (dinner menu & vegetarian dinner menu)
... Spring quarter field trips planned for Wednesday May 9th (Courts), Wednesday May 16th (Juvenile Facility), Wednesday May 23rd (Prison).
Additional References:

...Powerpoint Review of the court systems from spring quarter peer teaching
...Notes from Winter Criminology Lectures (April 9)
...Notes from Winter Criminology Lectures (Jan 8)(Jan 22)(Feb 5)(Feb 12)
...Handout from September Academic Fair
...Handout from November Academic Fair
...Handout from March Academic Fair
...Program Description for fall 2006, fall06/winter07 or just winter 2007

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