News and Information about Ireland

This page will get you to links about Irish news online, cultural events, and other important developments. As you can see from this Irish-language newspaper Lá ("Day") from late May of 2004, American politics frequently clash with Irish politics. The Irish translates as "You are not welcome." Yet the Irish are deeply tied to North American culture, especially its popular media. Check this page frequently for details about the latest news.

Enrollment in the Ireland Program

The Ireland Program is full, with a waiting list. If you are enrolled, but are not present on the first day of class, you will be dropped from the program. If you are on the waiting list, hang in there, but be sure to enroll yourself in another program just in case you don't get in. THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS IS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26; WE ARE MEETING AT 9 AM IN SEMINAR II, ROOM D1107.

Winter Schedule

In winter quarter the Ireland program will be meeting in the following rooms (note that the main difference is the Wednesday meeting place):

Tuesdays 9-11:  D1107

Tuesdays 1:30-4: C1105

Wednesdays 10-1: C1105

Thursdays 10-12: Com 310, 320, 323

Thursdays 1:30-4: D1107

If You Are On The Waitlist

Anyone on the waitlist for the Ireland program should be sure that Sean has your telephone number by Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm. She will make the decision about who will be dropped from the program that day (based on non-attendance). At 9 am Wednesday morning those students on the waitlist who have given Sean their contact information will receive a phone call with either the news that they are in the program (hooray!), or the news that they are not (ouch). Also, if you can make it to Tuesday's class without jeopardizing your current program, try to do so.