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The Evergreen State College
Last Updated: 08/16/2007

On Line Resources for Just Plato

This page provides links to a resources on line that support our curriculum. If you come across sites you think others might find useful, please send me an email with the URLs, and I will post them.

Writing Resources:

The Evergreen Writing Center
The Elements of Style
11 Ru1les of Writing
Grammar Handbooks
Dartmouth Writing Program

Philosophy and Classics Resources:

Philosophy Pages
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Sophia Project (Molloy College)
Perseus Project (Tufts University)


Links to Plato's Works On-line

Some works mentioned in class

Vlastos, Gregory. "The Third Man Argument in the Parmenides," Philosophical Review, LXIII: 319-49, 1954.
Sellars, Wilfrid. "Vlastos and 'The Third Man'," Philosophical Perspectives, pp. 23-54.
Ryle, Gilbert. The Concept of Mind, (Chicago, 2000). This edition has an introduction by Daniel C. Dennett.