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Applications of Linear Algebra Presentations
Differential Equations Lab Presentations
Week 3, Mon, Oct 9th
Lay 1.6 Applications of Linear Systems

B&D Lab 1.1 Rate of Memorization

Week 4, Mon, Oct 16th
Lay 1.10 Linear Models in Business and Science

B&D Lab 1.3 Logistic with Harvesting

Week 5, Mon, Oct 23rd
Lay 2.6 Leontief Model

B&D Lab 1.5 Extinction of Pigeon

Week 6, Mon, Oct 30th
Lay 2.7 Computer Graphics

B&D Lab 2.2 Species Dynamics

Lay 4.9 Markov Processes

B&D Lab 2.3 Modified Damping

Week 7, Mon, Nov 6th
Lay 5.6 Discrete Dynamical Systems

B&D Lab 2.4 Spring and Band

Lay 3.3 Cramer's Rule

B&D Lab 2.5 Shock Absorbers

Week 8, Mon, Nov 13th
Lay 3.3 Determinant as Area or Volume

B&D Lab 3.2 RLC Circuits

Lay 4.8 Applications of Difference Equations

B&D Lab 3.4 Paramter Space

Week 9, Mon, Nov 27th
Lay 5.8 Eigenvalues: Iterative Estimates

B&D Lab 4.1 Two magnets

Lay 6.6 Applications to Linear Models

B&D Lab 4.2 Forced RLC circuit

Week 10, Dec 4th
Lay 6.8 Inner Product Applications

B&D Lab 4.3 Tacoma Narrows

Lay 7.5 Image Processing

B&D Lab 5.2 Higher Order Pendulum