India: Politics of Dance, Dance of Politics

Your Research Project

***  Fall Program Research & Writing  ***

Bharat Lila, Orissa







In the fall there will be three types of program writing:

     1.  One essay of synthesis and interpretation:

There will be one six-to-seven- page essay of analysis and synthesis (due
               Wednesday 25 October) that will enable you to bring clarity to and develop              
               your own interpretative analysis of major themes introduced through the
               program content.  Your essay should state, develop, and support a thesis or
               well-formed argument.  Evidence should be drawn from the program books,
               articles, films, and lectures. The essay question and more detailed guidelines will be handed out in a timely fashion.

  1. Weekly response papers on the seminar material and films due each week:

            Every Wednesday (except for the first and fifth weeks) come to your book
            seminar with a two-page double-spaced typed response to the week’s reading.
            The primary purpose of the response paper is to help you be prepared to raise
             solid ideas, stimulate seminar discussion, and enhance your understanding
             and analysis of the week’s reading.  Your paper should be a thoughtful
             analysis (not a book report) based on your understanding of the readings.  It
             should contain a thesis as well as identifying page numbers.

  1. A collaborative research project (described in the handouts on research)


***  Requirements for Credit and General Expectations  ***

      Thirty-two credits (sixteen at the end of each quarter) will be awarded to all students who successfully fulfill the program expectations.  As the material and assignments are tightly integrated, ordinarily no partial credit will be awarded.  Only under exceptional cases and with the agreement of both faculty will partial credit be awarded. 



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