Intermediate French

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The Goals for Intermediate French Language & Intermediate French Literature are attached below. Just click twice and print.

Assignments Winter Quarter:  See Assignments listed by the day of the week: Mondays for the Manuel: vocabulary and conversation; Wednesdays grammar using the Cahier; Thursdays, Literature.

Mondays: Refer to the Manuel , Jan. 8: Introductions, review of verb tenses and subjunctive.  Assignments for Language class (Mon. & Wed.) will occur weekly.

Week II:  Read pp. 98-109. We will do exercises in class.

Week III:  Write the synthesis of the dissertation whose outline is already written, as explained in your text pp. 116-117.  Follow the composition guidee (don't choose a new topic).   Read Ch.5 pp.119-123.

Week IV:  Read ch. 5 pp.124-134.

Week V:  Write the conclusion of a new dissertation, as explained on pp. 141-143.  You will use the composition guidee (don't choose a new topic).

Week VI:  Ch. 6. read pp. 145-152.  As assigned on Thursday, submit one paragraph of analysis on L'Etranger.

Week VII: Ch. 6 read pp. 152-160. 

Week VIII:  pp. 161-165. Time to begin writing a dissertation.

Week IX: Submit your dissertation.  Read PP. 171-180.

Week X:  Read pp. 181-190.

Wednesdays: Grammar

Note:  Quizes will be on grammar and vocabulary from the Manuel. 

Week I :  Diagnostic quiz:  what do you need to study; what should we go over in class?


Week II: Ch. 3: Adjectives & Adverbs & Comparisons.  Do exercises in the Cahier prior to class, pp. 79-90. Quiz


Week III: Ch 3: Comparisons. Do Cahier pp. 92-105. A l’écoute en classe.


Week IV: Ch 4: Futur et Fut. Ant. Do Cahier pp.110-117. Quiz


Week V: Ch. 4: Conditionnel et C. passé. Do Cahier pp. 120-127. A l’écoute en classe.


Week VI: Ch.6: Articles & Pronouns: Do Cahier pp. 159-167. Quiz


Week VII: Ch. 6: Do Cahier pp. 175-186.


Week VIII: Ch. 7: Pronoms relatifs.  Do Cahier pp. 189-199. Quiz


Week IX:  Ch 7. Do Cahier pp. 200-08


Week X:  quiz: practice final presentation


Thursdays: French Literature: Tentative Schedule

You must come to class with a dictionary and your Bescherelle. These are in the bookstore.  You will read outside of class, and we will use class for discussion and writing.

Week I:  Moments Littéraires.  Read pp. 146-156 (poèmes de Verlaine, Rimbaud, Baudelaire) prior to class and be prepared to discuss them and answer the questions posed by the text.  We may have time to continue with Apollinaire's Le Pont Mirabeau, so read it just in case.

Week II:  Moments Littéraires. Read pp. 174-181. Sartre. Prior to class. Be prepared to write a précis and discuss the text. 

Week III:  L'Etranger: Read pp. 9-56. Be prepared to discuss

Week IV:  L'Etranger: Read pp. 57-126

Week V:  L'Etranger: Read pp. 127-end. 

VI: Read Le Gone du Chaâba by Azouz Begag, pp. 7-83

VII: Read Le Gone. pp. 83-160

VIII: Read Le Gone. pp. 160-end

Weeks IX-X: We will read more of Moments Littéraires (Chamoiseau and Sebbar)

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