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Important Dates

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Preparation for writing your self evaluation.  Think about the following 4 expectations and make notes about your learning and the way you took responsibility for your learning.  If you were in our program fall quarter, you can build on that evaluation.  It is most effective to write 1-1 ½ pages and to consider your work in history, literature, sociolinguistics, French language, and current events over the entire time you have been in the program rather than writing first about fall quarter, then winter.


  1. Consider the learning objectives of our program Learning Objectives:

·        Understand and articulate the main themes of the French Enlightenment and the ways they continue to impact France today.

·        Demonstrate the connection (and the limits of that connection) between the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

·        Explain the complex causes of the French Revolution with reference to several different interpretations.

·        Articulate the major changes in ideology that occurred over the course of the Revolution and the ways in which that ideology served France in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

·        Describe the lasting impact (both in terms of concrete social, political and cultural changes and in terms of ideas) of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution on France today, especially in the realms of citizenship; the relationship between the individual and the state; secularization and religion; civil liberties.

·        Demonstrate an ability to interpret French literature in the original (if you are an advanced beginner or intermediate student of French) and in translation through close textual analysis. Demonstrate comprehension and analysis through class participation and compositions. 

·        Demonstrate an understanding of sociolinguistic theory through a study of language and gender fall quarter and discourse analysis winter quarter, which include gender and language ideologies, speech act theory, conversational turn-taking, positioning, and linguistic variation.

·        Articulate the ways in which identity is created through linguistic practices in theory and in practice.

·        Identify and analyze linguistic metaphors.

·        Apply theory to practice by carrying out two sociolinguistic projects each quarter.


·        In French language demonstrate acquisition of grammar rules, verb conjugation, vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation, and communicative competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing according to goals set in each level.


2.      Our expectations, clearly stated in our syllabus, were that you would spend 40 hours a week in our program.  This includes class time as well as time outside the program:  the expectation is generally 3 hours of work for every one credit granted.  Consider your time commitment to do the following:

·                    Read program texts

·                    Memorize French vocabulary, grammar rules, phrases

·                    Complete all assignments to your best ability

·                    Engage in program materials by reflecting on them and discussing them with classmates outside of class.

3.                  Demonstrate good time management strategies.


All of the above is part of what we mean at Evergreen by taking responsibility for your own learning.  Think about this value and respond to it briefly in your self evaluation. 


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