Statistics lab files

Submitted by scheuers on Sun, 03/04/2007 - 7:41pm.

LAB DUE DATE MODIFIED!!! Both labs are due at 9 am on Wednesday of week 10. 

For Week 9 lab, bring a hard copy of both statistics lab reports for peer reivew. 

Note that a 7th file (correlation-regression lab intro) has been added that defines correlation, regression, 'r', R-squared, and gives an example of how to introduce the analyses done in the lab report.  

Attached are 6 files that will be useful for completing the 2 statistics lab reports. Overall instructions are in the file "statistics lab report instructions..." For the correlation and regression lab report, the tree density and DBH data is in the file "Site visit DBH data...", Yoshiya's analysis is in the file "Moritani, Yoshiya DBH analysis."  The week 8 lab lecture presentation on statistical testing, study design and t-test theory and practice are in the "statistical testing, week 8 lab presentation" file. Further background information on t-test theory and instructions for using Excel for the t-test lab report is in the "t-test theory and instructions" file. It lists how to use Excel to do 2-sided t-tests to compare the mean lifespan of groups from the cemetery lab data. The "t-test cemetery data fake" file is the ficticious data presented in lab. It gives an example of cemetery data and how the data columns of cemetery groups are set up.

correlation-regression lab intro.xls20 KB
Statistical Testing, lab week 8 presentation.pdf1.37 MB
Moritani, Yoshiya DBH analysis.pdf71.38 KB
Site Visit DBH data for correlation-regression.xls23 KB
Statistics Lab Report instructions for week 9 modified.doc44 KB
ttest cemetery data fake.xls99.5 KB
t-test theory and instructions.doc32 KB