Week 8 Syllabus

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Visualizing Ecology Winter Quarter, Week 8 (Feb 26-March 2) 
Due: Commentary on Silent Spring to forum by Sunday, midnight.  



Guest Lecture: Diane Kurzyna  

Peer Review of Research Paper 

Due: Rough Draft of Research Paper

Painting-Group B


Painting 3

Due: Painting Assignment 

Field Trip


Tour of LOTT Sewage Plant  Meet at the Budd Inlet Treatment Center ten minutes before tour time: Kevin’s Seminar: 10:00Lucia’s Seminar: 10:30Steve’s Seminar: 11:00 Read: LOTT website:www.lottonline.org(See this site for directions.)

Photography-Group A


Photography 3

Due: Photo Assignment by Thursday, 5 pm. 

Lab-Group B


Statistics 2

General Computing Classroom (Library)

Due: Replies to at least two commentaries on Silent Spring to forum by Monday, 5 pm



Read: Carson, Silent Spring.

 Work Time: Revise Research Paper  

Lab-Group A


Statistics 2

General Computing Classroom (Library)

 Coming Up:  

Seminar Reading for Week 9: Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, pp. 95-226. Donald Worster, “The Value of a Varmint” in Nature’s Economy, pp. 258-290. (Last commentaries and replies for winter quarter!) 

Lecture Reading for Week 9: TVA v. Hill (1978) (This was the first legal challenge to the Endangered Species Act. See link under “Lecture” on website for reading.) 

Due Tuesday, March 6: Final Draft of Research Paper 

Due Friday, March 9: Rough Draft of Lab Report (Parts 1 and 2: Regression/Correlation and T-test) 

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