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W R I T I N G . G R O U P S



For each written assignment, Freshmen and Sophomores are expected to meet with a writing tutor, either as an individual or in a group; everyone else is strongly encouraged to do so as well.

Remember that a writing tutor's job is not to edit or fix your work for you. The tutor's job is to help you develop a working creative process that makes both your thinking and your writing stronger. They will also help you to learn how to "clean up" your writing from surface errors and grammatical issues.


For each meeting, and therefore, each assignment, you will also complete an "Author's Note." The syllabus says you need two—in fact you need only one, because the form (I forgot) includes space for you to write in after your meeting. In this area of the form INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE TUTOR YOU MET WITH.

  Author's Note (pdf)