Week Nine:

Monday: No Class. Unbelievable.

Wednsesday: Film: The 5 Obstructions

Thursday:Seminar / Workshop in the morning on the 3 texts & the film

Assignment for week nine: coming soon!

Thursday afternoon : your Book arts & Altered Book Show in E 4115 + refreshments

Week Eight:

( what's left of it)

No film this week. Wednesday at 1:00 Steven's writers group meets in Red Sq.

Spend your extra time preparing for the exam, why not?

Everyone is welcome to attend Holly's afternoon group.

Please bring your exam questions with you and your books.

Thursday : Exam

The chosen questions will be posted on the home page bulletin board on Thursday morning.

(Steven will be in the print studio for some of the day - otherwise call his office if you need anything)



read Genet...

read Imagining Language

Yes, we are really going to have an exam in week 8.


A copy of EVENT is on closed reserve in the library


Check out the assignments for week 6 -- notice how I misquoted things in class on Monday!!

BONUS info re: the future: WEEK SIX: reading Sollers's EVENT and Roland Barthes's The Pleasure of the Text. In this case, you may want to read the Barthes a bit, inlcuding his essay at the back of Event, before reading Event ! Zap! Having some or most or all of both in your brain bag will be helpful on Monday. Pow! Click here for Batman.

fifth week warning: if you have missed more than one of a single type of class session (lecture, for instance), you are likely to lose credit. If your intellectual journal is not complete, you are likely to lose credit. If you are not doing the reading, you are likely to lose credit. We have our ways.


NEXT WEEK :monday morning: Artaud Lecture . Artaud Readings

Monday afternoon:   discuss surrealism, artaud bits, etc.

Wednesday electra - film

Thursday am:discuss Electra, Artaud —extra assignment due: Please prepare for Artaud discussion a short piece of writing that begins from a passage of Artaud's that you feel expresses the central issues or idea of his work. Should be informal but lucid, drenched in thought.

Thursday afternoon: artaud theme park 1-3 in E4115

Intellectual Journals DUE: please prepare a brief introductory note for your journal that helps us to understand your own perspective on your work, how you feel your ideas are developing, what is your best and worst work, and what you would like us to focus on the most among your writings.



4/20, man.

As you can see, I'm gradually giving the website a makeover, marking the transition from fin de siecle angst to high modern exhaustion, madness, and postmodern ironic fabulist relativism. Yee Haw!

The coming week:

you've got your assignment for the beckett.

I'll talk with you on Monday morning about beckett, expressing the inexpressible that can't be expressed and isn't worth expressing but must be expressed, and so on.

Monday afternoon, we'll give you time to talk about the beckett, maybe get started on your assignment in some fashion.

Wednesday, we'll show you a smattering of Beckett films, some of Godot, Krapp's Last Tape, Play, Endgame, Not I, and maybe a couple other shorts. Go to Ubu web to see BBC productions of Beckett's plays ("Beckett Directs Beckett") and try out this short film by some random person inspired by and with text from Beckett's Unnameable (the last part of his Trilogy, which immediately preceeding Texts for Nothing.)

Thursday morning we'll talk about the Eagleton intro to Literary Theory(pdf).

Thursday afternoon, you're doing project stuff.

I'll set aside some time for anyone who wants some bookmaking tips related to their altered book project.