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Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 2:51pm.

6/7  Make sure you come with your completed self and faculty evaluations on the correct forms on Tuesday.  I am still missing several Project links and craps links.  I am also missing several Portfolios.  I will be in my office (Lab 1, 1006) all day on Monday June 9, but will be very busy.  Here are the times again for the meetings on Tuesday  (9, Frank), (9:20 Brent), (9:30 Don), (9:40 Autumn), (10 Roby), (10:10 Jawahir), (10:30 Ethan), (10:40 Nathan), (10:50 Michael), (11 Evan), (11:20 Cynthia), (11:30 Marissa), (1 Lia), (1:30 Danielle), (2 Renae), (2:10 Aaron), (2:20 Sarah).    Please email me right away if you need to change times or are not on this list.