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The world we live in today involves technology faster than ever could have imagined. We have control over our own society and can create things more powerful than the human hand. But there is always that something that clearly distinguishes what is real, tangible in a non-materialistic way, compared to automated machines.

Humans have instincts, we have the ability to understand compassion through a genuine manner. Machines lack the access to independently generate idea’s. We have the mistakes, issues, and no solution situations.

Although you cannot compare all aspects of machines with all the aspects of a human being, there is one simple distinction. Machines run on electrical current, and once unplugged, all shuts off. Humans have the sources to run for days and months without any other input. People have organisms, genes, blood types, while machines have battery, electricity, and chips.

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-This source details on the creation of a 17” six pound robot, Zeno. He is the result of five years of work and seen as a creation of artificial intelligence. It can recognize faces, learn your name, and also build relationships. Although he is just a prototype, he is the beginning to later advancements.

I think that this creation shows that there is much that machines are capable of. Over time, there will be developments so close to human personality, it will fool even the most authentic originals.

Source 2:

-This article is about an inter-active man machine system that can display human like emotions. It’s goal was to create a model for the internal moods to behave more like humans. They can respond.

Source 3:

-This website is just an exploration of artificial intelligence, and the background and theories of it’s practices. It’s a machine generated language created to converse with humans. This process involves mathematical uses. This site offers philosophical perspectives for language, logic, and radical behaviorism.

Source 4:

-This is an article about a test that was done. It was about whether or not machines can adequate stimulate human emotion. It explained how this was deficient because none of the four theories offered reasoning of how the stimulators could make sense of each situations.
This article showed another side of why machine’s are not able to fully express human capabilities. They are not able to adequately make sense of what they are situating.