Are we humans the machines?

Before I read any articles on this subject my thoughts where that computers may be capable of  “learning” how to simulate being alive. It would be a matter of making hardware to support the kind of software that would be needed to imitate these actions. Although, even if we could make machines that simulate our brains it would still be questionable at best whether or not it was conscious or alive.

After doing some reading and research on this subject I pretty much feel the same way. It is a matter of teaching some machine how to function like our brains. The problem is that it is not easy to imitate the interactions of our neurons and what effects that has on our bodies overall. Furthermore, even if we did accomplish this task there is no way to tell if it would make machines alive. The most important thing is that we cannot even really understand what makes humans alive in the first place. Some people would argue that human’s random firing of neurons mimics what computers do now so who’s to say that we ourselves are not machines.