Can Computers Live?

So far in my lifetime, I've seen the introduction of many "great advancements in science". Various artificial foods, flavors, sweeteners, colors, drugs, etc and etc. Each time one of these new items slid out of the corporate garbage shoot, they were touted as the latest and best thing modern science had to offer. Now there are people trying desperately to convince everyone that computers can be considered to be alive. Sure when computers are viewed in the very narrow terms beginning used to define the computerized version of life, it's possible to define the emulations of computers as "life like", up to a point. I found the writings of the proponents of artificial life just as amusing and ominous as the hawkers of artificial foods. The stuff "science that made" back then, turned out for the most part, to be more than just a little bad. The era of artificial foods introduced a plethora of disease and dysfunction in a vast segment of the population, the likes of which modern medicine is still only just beginning to understand.

Lets look at a few simple facts about computers:

Are computers conscientious? No.

Can a computer be considered biological? No.

Does a computer have real emotions? No.

Can a computer have an abstract thought? No.

If you cut it, will it bleed? No. Even if it did, could it heal itself?

Instead of rushing out and embracing the notion of artificial life, I think that we should stop and look at the seriousness of the very dangerous ground we may be laying. Why should we even be considering this in the first place. If we first decide to consider computers to be alive, then next someone is going to want to give computers rights like people. It's bad enough that large corporations have succeeded in gaining legal rights so that those guilty of criminal behavior can not be held responsible. What would it be like if the same mistake was made in giving the same rights to computers or robots. To many times in the past, men of science have rushed to do a thing because they could, without ever stopping to think about whether they should.