Computers can't feel or have emotions by Jessica Solis

Jessica Solis

Algebra, Algorithms, and Modeling

Seminar 1 

April 7, 2008

Machines can imitate what human beings are capable of doing. They can do these things but the way they interpret these actions are very different thsn how humans are able to interpret them. Emotions is something a human develop as we grow but computers don't grow, they are just programmed to do certain things. For example there is no way you can teach someone instincts because thaat is something we are born with. That comouters complete certain tasks doesn't mean they can feel, or have emotions such as being in love.

Sources I used are:

1.What is Artificial Intelligence? by John McCarthy  <>

2.An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  <>

3.Could a Computer Ever be Conscious? by Steve Pinker