Evan Smith

Hi, I am a transfer student coming from San Diego, where I've been living for the last six years. I grew up on the east coast in a small but historic city called Gloucester (MA). I moved to San Diego my sophmore year (I was 15 or 16), and I graduated high school in 2004. After high school I spent the following three years working more or less full time construction, where I made decent money but would soon realize was not my destiny. I've taken a few semesters of "fun" courses in community colleges, like; botany, plant pest control, chemistry, bio 101, and plant id for small trees and shrubs. Over the past few years I began to develop an interest in medicine and in helping others. My dream is to be a doctor and gain acceptance to medical school. I chose Evergreen because of the similarities between it and my first high school (The Waring School in Beverely MA). More specifically I chose "Algebra, Algorithms and Modeling" this quarter to gain a general comprehension of the real world applications of mathematics and computer science. My hotmail email is evansaam@hotmail.com and my MSN IM sn is evansaam. Here's to a great quarter, cheers!