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Please tell the class a little about yourself. Include your math and computer backgrounds. Include what fields of study you are interested in outsid of math and computers. Also give the place, times and manner you wish to study for this class. Use this information to form study groups. Reply to entries for people you would like to work with.
23262 years 2 weeks ago
by wilnat17
Here's a forum for discussing all your questions/problems with the drupal site
What do you think about these questions at this point in time? Write down your thoughts before doing any research. Justify your position. Next, find between 3 and 5 sources on the web to reenforce/refute your position. Have you changed your mind? There are tons of sources you can find by googling using things like consciousness, Artificial intellegence, computers, alive, etc... On this forum, post what position you have on each of these questions and post the sources you found (web address) and a summary of each. Be prepared to share your findings in class during the Seminar.
15192 years 2 weeks ago
by smieva15
One of the main goals for the computer part of this program is to help you anticipate what jobs may be more or less in demand in the future because of computers and automation. Think about what jobs you think will be the least likely to be replaced by computers/automation. Pick your top 3. Research at least 3 websites that discuss the limitations of computers, automation, job loss due to computers, or related topics. Reply to this email before Tuesday with a summary of your websites (include links) and your top 3 jobs. Come to class with your summaries and be ready to defend your selections.
17171 year 51 weeks ago
by alijaw02
For this seminar we will be talking about the computer taking the place of a doctor. To save big bucks, we can hire extra nurses to operate a computer that has been trained to diagnose and issue treatments for illnesses. We will keep some doctors to actually do the surgery, but the computers will do much of what doctors do now. Will this save big bucks? Will it provide better care? Would you buy this service if your medical premiums where cut in half? Do you think this is possible? probable? Research 3 websites discussing computers in medicine and computers as doctors. Post the 3 websites and summarize in your post. Also give an overview of your position on computers as doctors. Post your reply before Tuesday.
15151 year 49 weeks ago
by Gabi
I have some ideas for research topics for our Seminar class. I would like your input as well. Since you are going to spend time in the research, if there is a topic, question, or problem you would like to see addressed in our Seminar, please reply to this forum with a description. If we do not have enough questions of your liking, we will likely have assigned readings.