Human vs Machines


Can machines think? Yes, I think this question is very general, if you mean doing calculations and getting from point A to point B than the answer is yes. But thinking is more than calculations. If you make a mistake, people will ask you "what were you thinking!". When it comes to chosing the right thing to do through common sense, thinking becomes more complex. I don't think a computers are at the same level of thinking as a human. 

Can machines become conscious? No, to me being conscious is having a soul. computers can never have souls.

Can machines have emotions? Machines can have fake emotions, manipulated emotions. They can show emotions but it will not effect them as humans are effected.


Source 1 This site talks about computers not being alive because its a human who puts in information whether its right or wrong.


Source 2 This site refers to the fact that humans like speaking to humans because they feel a sense of warmth that a computer can not provide.

Source 3 This article talks about machines doing most of the companies duties, but how they also need a human touch that in their products that machines simply can't provide

 My decision that machines can perform complicated procedures, but they are not comparable to humans still stands