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This course will be fundamentally a project course, as it is in the project that you will meld your computer and mathematical skills into a website that presents your research and development ofna mathematical model in your area of interest.  Your site will include history and background, past research and models, an analysis of the variables in your model, and finally several examples of your mathematical models in action using JavaScript.  A prodigious amount of diligence, self responsibility, creativity, and inspiration will be required.  You may work alone or with another student or two, as long as each student's responsibilities are clearly delineated.  The schedule for the project will be as follows:

Week 1 and 2:  Overview and Research of ideas

Week 3:  Presentation of ideas/topic research

Week 4:  Preparation of Problem Presentation

Week 5:  Presentation of Problem

Week 6:  Research/Work time

Week 7:  Presentation of Progress

Week 8:  Research/Work time

Week 9-10:  Presentation of Project


As you can see, you will have 4 presentations to give to the class (idea/topic research, Presentation of Problem, Presentation of Progress, and the Final Presentation of your website).   Each of the first 3 presentations will be about 5 minutes and your final presentation will be between 10 and 15 minutes.   Each presentation will include either the display of your website or a powerpoint.  It is expected that your presentations will be well prepared, organized, clearly presented.