Sarah Erbele

Hi, Im Sarah Erbele I am a transfer studet from Northern California in my last quarter here at evergreen! my email is for the class..because the one that i should have.. is already taken! (stupid first name being so common..) ... I havent really done that much math.. last i left off was some algebra and geometry in highschool.. computer science not so much either... i mean i know how to use it for liesure reasons but not much of what we will be doing except html... I am SUPER busy.. so i dont know when i could ever get time with others in class except during class or breaks.. cause i go straight to dance after (i am a dance teacher) and on days we do not have class I work at Jamba Juice.. mmmm jamba!.. and then go to dance... so yes I guess you could say Im a busy person who loves dance..