The Unfathomable Consciousness

I personally cannot grasp the notion that computer consciousness is possible.  Computers follow instructions from what they are taught by people.  In a sense they are the spawn of the human mind.  There are infinite possibilities and combinations of tasks that computers can carry out, however they cannot branch outside of the knowledge that is programmed into them.  

Freud came up with this idea of how the mind is structured conceptually, the three levels of awareness: consciousness preconsciousness and subconsciousness.  Subconsciousness is information that isn't really accessible to the conscious mind, only to physical actions (such as muscle memory).  Computers don't have this subconscious mind, they have consciousness and preconsciousness, that is to say that they are capable of carrying out tasks and retrieving information that is not always being used but is in reserve.  People are much like computers in that we are taught, we learn and act from observation.  Our ideas, even those of our imagination are fusions of things we already know.  I guess the difference is that without being taught, we can make noise and we can think and we can feel.  Even a person in complete solitude is able to function without programming and would probably function better than a computer.  People possess ID, the primitive drive, computers don't seek pleasure.

Machines can reproduce technically, I suppose, but it is still not biological.  They have to actively build eachother whereas in living creatures this is involuntary. 


A computer can execute anything it is taught or told to do and that is infinite but they wouldn't ever be able to function without their creator. In addition, there just doesn't seem to be a way to teach survival in all of its complexity.  If people were to abandon these machines they would have to chance at survival or evolution because they're not capable of adapting.  They don't feel threat, they are not a species so they don't feel that need to stay alive.


Furthermore, computers are not aware of their thoughts, they just execute.  There's no control by them over what they're thinking.   They are absent of individuality and that also lack the ability to distinguish the vast uniqueness of human communication.


Lastly, why would any human ever want to create a machine that has the same capabilities as themselves except for to prove something to themselves or society.  Frankly, the challenge wouldn't be worth the consequences.